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SBSC Library: ANZAC Day 2024

ANZAC Day 2024

At St Brendan-Shaw College, we remember and honor the sacrifices made by our soldiers who served in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) during times of conflict.

The SBSC Library have undertaken this project to highlight the importance of ANZAC Day through a display that combines historical data, newspaper articles, and archival photographs related to our local region.  This display brings together diverse resources that shed light on the experiences of our local soldiers and the impact of war on our community.

We have accessed the enlistment details of local soldiers from the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) Project database, which provides valuable information about their service during various conflicts. Using data visualization techniques, specifically a word cloud generator, we have transformed this data into a visually engaging representation.  The word clouds highlight the surnames, regiments and town and street addresses of our local soldiers from World War I, emphasizing the breadth and depth of their contributions.  We thank the AIF Project for granting us permission to use their data in this way.

Lest we forget.


The AIF project database is drawn from a range of official sources, including personal files on the National Archives website, and Embarkation and Nominal Rolls on the Australian War Memorial website. Hover to enlarge and click to further explore the surnames shown in this visualisation.  These surnames are of enlisted soldiers from Devonport who served their country during World War I.  In this visualisation, a larger font indicates a higher frequency within the data source.  Please note some names are repeated in this word cloud:


Data source: AIF project database    Conflict: World War I    Region: Devonport   

Data focus: Surname of enlisted soldiers    Access date: 08/03/2024


This visualisation shows the street names and towns of soldiers from Devonport who served their country during World War I.  Hover to enlarge and click to further explore the addresses shown in this visualisation.  A larger font indicates a higher frequency in the data source. Please note some names are repeated in this word cloud:


Data source: AIF project database    Conflict: World War I    Region: Devonport   

Data focus: Addresses of enlisted soldiers    Access date: 08/03/2024

The Spirit of ANZAC

Burke, Arthur OAM. "The Spirit of Anzac." Anzac Day Commemoration Committee, 2024, Accessed 15 Mar. 2024.

Virtual poppies

Let us reflect on the values of courage, camaraderie, and service exemplified by those who have served and continue to serve.

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ANZAC Picture books

SBSC community poll

Have you or any member of your family been involved in armed conflict? If yes, please indicate which generation has been involved.
Myself: 0 votes (0%)
Parent/s: 1 votes (12.5%)
Grandparent/s: 6 votes (75%)
Great Grandparent/s: 1 votes (12.5%)
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Total Votes: 8


An analysis of the AIF Project database provides insights into how members of the Devonport community were involved in World War I.  In the following data visualisation, a larger font indicates a higher frequency within the data source:


Data source: AIF project database    Conflict: World War I    Region: Devonport   

Data focus: Regiment of enlisted soldiers    Access date: 08/03/2024

Historical photographs

The following curated images, available in the public domain, are from the Australian War Memorial's online collection. Each image has ties to our region during wartime and provides a visual narrative of our local community's involvement in conflict.  Click on each photograph to read full details.  The descriptions can reveal interesting and valuable information about people, places and events of the past. 

Links to the Virtual War Museum Australia and National Archive Australia are also included at the end of this Padlet. Search tips are provided to help you locate local content in the VWMA and NAA databases.

Through these historical photographs, we can connect with the past and commemorate the legacy of our ANZAC servicemen and women.

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Newspaper articles

Newspaper articles spanning the years of conflict and beyond can be sourced from archives such as TROVE. These articles offer insights and reflections on the experiences of our soldiers, as well as the impact of war on our community. By incorporating these secondary sources, we can gain a deeper understanding of the lived experiences and sacrifices of our ANZAC heroes.

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Search tip for TROVE!

Go to Advanced Search and select Newspapers & Gazettes

Enter keywords in the search field 'All of these words': Devonport soldier

Enter keywords in the search field 'Titles and Places'Advocate, Burnie, Tas. : (1890 - 1954) 

Click the Search icon

EBOOK - In the spirit of ANZAC: an anthology by St Brendan-Shaw College

Recipe book

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Do you have a recipe, photograph, artwork, creative writing or musical piece on the theme of ANZAC Day?

Contribute to our multimedia book by emailing us at to make your work public will be required.

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ANZAC Non fiction

Thank you

By bringing together these resources, the SBSC Library aims to foster a sense of remembrance and appreciation for the sacrifices made by our ANZAC servicemen and women. Thank you for joining us in commemorating ANZAC Day and paying tribute to those who have served our nation.

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