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SBSC Library: Research & Study Skills

Exam, Study and Note Taking Resources

Learn Skills - State Library of Victoria

Define the task. Locate information. Select resources. Organise notes.

On this website you'll find practical guides to researching assignments, writing essays and studying for exams.

There are also plenty of examples that clearly show you how to apply your new skills, as well as videos of well-known authors and academics who reveal some of their research, writing and study tips.

Research Tips

Research advice from The Conversation

Morrison, R. (2023, January 03). Don't 'just Google it': 3 ways students can get the most from searching online. The Conversation. Retrieved May 09, 2024 from

 Students working on laptops.

Image source: Brooke Cagle/Unsplash shared here under the Unsplash Licence

Libraries Tasmania - Studiosity

Libraries Tasmania has partnered with an Australian company Studiosity to offer a free service for all Tasmanian students in grade 3 - 12, including home-school and distance learners.  You need to have a Libraries Tasmania (State Library) membership number and password to log in to access Studiosity.  You can apply for Libraries Tasmania membership online, or by visiting your local branch.

Their website notes '...Starting an assignment, or doing homework and want to make sure your on the right track.  Studiosity's Connect Live service is the best way of getting instant help in a range of subjects including maths, chemistry, physics, business studied and more...'

For further information go to:

StudyVibe & The Research Safari

Study vibe.

StudyVibe provides help for study, learning and research skills, goal setting, time management, tools for learning, useful website links, online safety tips and more.
The research safari.
The Research Safari provides step-by-step the Information / inquiry process to help you work through your research task.

Both these websites require a password to access parts of the content.

Dictionaries and vocabulary builders

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online

More than definitions--includes lots of interactive vocabulary, grammar, and spelling help!

VisuWords--Online Graphical Dictionary

Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts.

Ask your Librarian for help

Need extra help with your study skills?  Ask your Librarian.

Ask your Librarian