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SBSC Library: Referencing

Referencing Generator - MyBib

MyBib is a cost-free, ad-free citation tool with thousands of citation styles. With MyBib, you can:

  • automatically gather citation information from web sites
  • easily create citations for sources in a variety of types for your bibliography or works cited list
  • create folders for multiple projects 
  • create in-text citations
  • download your bibliography as a Word file, save it as a Google Doc, print or email it, copy and paste into an existing document

As with any citation generating tool, it's best to proofread the citations.

To get started with MyBib, register and create a new account.

What is a reference list?

This is an alphabetical list of all the sources of information which you have referred to, or cited in your assignment. It is placed at the end of your work. It is normally headed "Reference List" and should be arranged alphabetically by the author's surname.

What is referencing?

When completing a report or an assignment, it is necessary to acknowledge the source of any information used. This is called referencing. Any time you quote, refer to, or use data (in any form including maps, tables, graphs, or on-line) from other people's work, the source must be clearly acknowledged. Failure to do so is called plagiarism, a dishonest practice, because you pretend that someone else's words or ideas are your own. Penalties for plagiarism are severe.

Referencing systems

The systems of referencing recommended by the SBSC Library are the Harvard or 'Author-Date' system (detailed in the Australian Government Publishing Service's Style Manual : for Authors, Editors and Printers) and the APA (American Psychological Association) style.

Year 10 and SS English now recommend the MLA 9 referencing style.  Senior Secondary Psychology students still use MLA8 referencing style.

However, requirements vary. The exact details of how you reference your sources of information will vary from subject to subject. When you leave school you will find requirements differ, depending on where you study and your subject area. However these systems are widely used and provide a good starting point.

Citing references for Senior Students

Condensed MLA8 Reference Guide